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Enjoy ballet focusing on your own pace and growth without comparing yourself to others♡

On Tuesday mornings,

students of various levels come together for the class at Ballet Studio Lapine.

Some students have been learning ballet for about a year.

Others have been practicing intermittently since childhood.

Some are returning after several decades.

There are students at teacher level, as well as Pilates and contemporary dance instructors.

The ages of the students

range from their 30s to their 60s.

Typically, 4-5 people attend,

but sometimes

there are as many as 7,

and on rare occasions, only 2.

Most of our adult students

balance their lessons

with work, childcare,

and household responsibilities,

so some may not be able to attend

every week.

Despite being called

a "Elementary Ballet,"

the class is adjusted

based on the day's participants

and their conditions.

I make the most of the opportunities provided by different group sizes

and combinations of students,

ensuring each lesson is

a unique experience.

While I have a rough lesson plan,

the last-minute changes in attendance often require quick adjustments.

The final list of attendees is confirmed when everyone arrives at the studio.

After greeting

and assessing the students,

I start with a warm-up

followed by plié,

watching the students body movements carefully,

and adjust the lesson plan as needed.


inspiration strikes

and the plan changes significantly.

I keep the lessons dynamic,

adapting the music and choreography based on the day's mood and students, creating an exciting

and varied experience each time.

About Ballet Classes at Lapine

Our ballet classes

encourage students

to focus on their own pace and growth without comparing themselves to others.

This approach,

inspired by yoga philosophy, emphasizes personal progress

and respect for one's own body and mind.

While ballet traditionally involves competition and hierarchy,

our studio provides a space

where students can enjoy ballet

in tune with their own physical state

and sensations.

Lapine’s students are kind, gentle, peaceful, yet serious and dedicated to ballet.

If you feel a connection with this sprit, please come and join us♪

【Tuesday Schedule】

●11:00 am - 12:30 pm: Elementary Ballet

●12:40 pm - 1:10 pm: Pointe Class

Instructor: Hisako Alexander

Ballet Studio Lapine

4F, 1-10-6 Shonandai,

Fujisawa, Kanagawa


Located 1-minute walk from Shonandai Station East Exit H




11/3祝♢第12回ピラティスWS& 第14回ヴァリエーションWS

11/3祝 第12回ピラティスWS& 第14回ヴァリエーションWS 《身体をリセットして中心軸への意識を高めよう!〜お疲れ解消&軸を意識した体幹作り〜》&第14回ヴァリエーション《コッペリアよりスワニルダのヴァリエーション〜ボリショイ版〜》 ①10.45-11.45am 第12回 ピラティスクラス 《身体をリセットして中心軸への意識を高めよう!〜お疲れ解消&軸を意識した体幹作り〜》 講師: Kum


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